Family Devotions #1

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You can make your family devotions engaging if you add variety, if you spread the activities throughout the day, if you give rewards (such as your kids’ favorite candies or your family’s favorite dessert), and if you review previous devotionals.

Memorize the verse sometime throughout the day, talk and pray at dinner, and tell the story at bedtime.

This family devotion is based on this week’s Bible study.

Memory Verse

If memorizing the whole verse is too difficult, memorize only the underlined portion.

“For we did not follow cleverly devised myths when we made known to you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but we were eyewitnesses of his majesty.” (2 Peter 1:16, ESV)

Let’s Talk

A simple question. Why do we read our Bibles?

A more complex question. How do we know the Bible is true?

Let’s Pray

  • Praise God because His word is true.
  • Thank Him for the Bible you have.
  • Ask Him to help you understand it and obey it.

Bed Time Story

A long time ago, there lived a man named Luke. He was a very smart man and very inquisitive. He used to make up many home remedies to help the sick feel better. A teaspoon of honey with a squirt of lemon juice for the throat, chewing on peppermint leaves for the stomach and bad breath, and some ginger tea for nausea and vomiting. Those were probably some of the things he told people—we don’t know for sure, but it’s fun to imagine.

But there was another thing Luke was very interested in—he wanted to know more about Jesus. Luke was a Christian. He believed that Jesus was God’s Son, that he died for our sins, and that he came back to life and returned to heaven. One day, Luke met a man named Paul. Paul was an apostle, a man who traveled to many far places to tell people about Jesus. Paul and his team needed a doctor to take care of them on their trips, so they asked Luke if he woud join them.

Luke was excited to join them. He got to travel to many diffent cities on foot and by boat.

As Luke traveled with Paul, he learned so much more about God, Jesus, and the apostles. You see, Paul had seen Jesus, and he had met the other apostles, like Peter, James, and John. Luke was also able to meet many other Christians who had also met the apostles and seen many wonderful things.

Luke took careful notes of everything he heard and saw. You see, Luked wanted to make sure he wouldn’t forget these things, and that he would be able to share them with others.

Eventually, Luke had learned so much about Jesus and the apostles, that he was able to write two books about them. One book was called the Gospel of Luke, and the other book was called The Acts of The Apostles.

Writing these two books was a long process. It took Luke many days, possibly even months, maybe even a year or two. But as Luke wrote down detail after detail, God was making sure that Luke wrote things just the way God wanted them so people would know about Him, about Jesus, and about the apostles.

Luke lived a very long time ago, and he is now in heaven with God, Jesus, and the apostles; but we still have the books he wrote. Many, many people (too many to count) have read these books and believed in Jesus thanks to all the details Luke noticed and wrote about—and thanks to God making sure these books were written the way He wanted them written.

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