Dream of The Apocalypse (Micro-Fiction)

It wasn’t just a building—it was a city and a mountain of steel stretching for the skies. I had been there before—in other dreams—meeting in its conference rooms, digging in its mines, climbing it under a storm.

Is this that same building that collapsed at the edge of the sea when the hurricane hit?

I was pulling the chains to lift the coils of steel—around me, fire erupted from the furnaces in the ground.

An older woman with blond-dyed hair approached me. “Let’s go,” she said. “We have a meeting to attend. Then, we’ll let you guys go home.”

I knew what it was about. I had seen it happen several times before: people wondering at bright lights in the sky and then crying in terror when they discerned foreign fighter jets.

I followed her into deep dark halls lit with dim red lights then vanishing in the darkness.

I came accross my wife and my son, who were evacuating. “Don’t worry,” I said, “I’ll catch up with you.” I saw them vainish in the halls.

A voice came through the speakers: “All people are dead,” it said.

How many thousands?, I wondered.

I knew what was coming—America would declare war, and a war unlike any we’ve seen before would follow.

Questions for Discussion

  • Given the current events in Ukraine, how likely is it that America will be pulled into the war?
  • What events have led the U.S. to declare war at other times in history?
  • What do you think the storms, fire, red lights, and darkness represent in the story?
  • Do you personally beleive current events have anything to do with biblical prophecy? What if they do? What if they don’t?

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