My Spiritual Experiences 01 – Background


My mother was a single mom, and so we used to live with her parents and siblings until she married when I was five years old.

One of her siblings—let’s call him Uncle 2—had problems with drugs (that’s what I was told). I remember going with my mother to see him at a hospital (was it really a hospital?), and seeing him sitting at the hospital bed. My mom went into the room and closed the door behind her, and I stayed with my gradma outside the room (it was somewhat dark, not well lit).

Uncle 2 was once discussing with my grandfather and grandmother that sometimes he would feel “something” coming down at nights and eterning through his windows. What was he talking about? Somehow, I arrived to the conclusion that they were not talking about a cat or a lizard, and I think it was because he said it would crawl over him.

I don’t know when (maybe around that time), but one day Uncle 2 and my grandparents came back home. They had seen a man who had told my uncle to bathe himself with garlic, and then dump the water down a cliff. My understanding is that they did that.


My uncle and I don’t have a relationship, so I doubt he would want to talk about this. I’ll try asking my my mom (I actually call her “mother,” like the kid in Bates Motel lol) about it, and see if I can get any information from her (I’ll update this if she tells me anything).

I think what I am describing here was a demonic experience and an attempted exorcism by some kind of shaman.

What does the Bible have to say about this?

The Bible describes instances of demonic oppression and demonic posession (1 Samuel 16:14, Luke 4:31-34).

This experience was not my own, but it is something I observed with people who were close to me. This experience was not a good spiritual experience.


My purpose in writing about my own spiritual experiences is to (1) receive help from others as I think through these experiences, and (2) to analyze my own experiences from a biblical perspective.

  • Have you faced anything similar in your life?
  • What do you think the Bible has to say about this topic?

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