My Spiritual Experiences 02 – Mother


My mother is a very private person, just like me. She would not like it if I ware to share her spiritual experiences. However, they are valuable to me for my study of my own spiritual experiences. However, I want to share them here because it would be a loss for me to forget them and if I did not share them with you.

Growing up, my mother told me about a handful of spiritual (paranormal) experiences she had prior when she was a child and did not know Jesus Christ as her Savior.

She told me on several occassions that, as a child, she was walking in a cementery and she came accross a flying saucer there. She said the window was tinted very dark, and she could not see inside. She left the scene to tell her parents, but when she returned it wasn’t there. She said she is sure it was not a car because they didn’t have cars with tinted windows back the in El Salvador (I guess this would have aken place in the early or mid 60’s).

My dad also told me he saw UFO’s at least once. He is a pilot, and his experience took place while he was flying. I didn’t have much contact with my dad, so I can’t say much about his UFO encounter(s). However, maybe he’s reading this, and he’ll tell me the story again.

My mom usted to tell me that there were big black cats that roamed about her house from time to time, and that she noticed her parents argued everytime the cats were around.

My mother sometimes told me that once, when she was a little girl and was sick, she came out of her body. Just a few days ago I asked her about this experience again, and she said that she kept trying to return to her body, but was hving a hard time returning. She was able to return once she touched the hand of her body. She said that she was crying very much as she was trying to return.

My mother said that once, when she was a little girl and was sick, she saw little cherubs fluttering next to her bed. She tried to turn on the light on her nightstand to see their faces, but the light would not turn on. The little cherubs sigaled “no” with their hands. I often noticed that whenever my mother read about cherubim in the Bible, she was puzzled. She thought she had not been able to see their faces becase they are ugly since, in the Bible, they have four faces and are covered with eyes. In reality, I always thought the cherubim my mother had seen were more based on Greek mythology.

The other day, as I was asking her aobut her spiritual experiences (which conversation did not end well :(, she told me that, when she was sick, she saw a little train coming toward her, and there were many children in the train. The driver of the train invited her to join them, but my mom said she wanted to stay with her dad. The driver told her that if she remained behind, she would be lonely for a long time. My mother opted not to go in the train (she thought, if that if she did, she would die).

My mother did go through some lonely seasons in her life, and she said that she often recalled that experience when she felt lonely.


The Bible does not deny that those who do not belong to Christ have spiritual experiences. Instead, throughout the Bible, we see that people who do not believe in the Lord have their own religions and their own kinds of spiritual experiences.

I think, for example, about young woman in Macedonia (Acts 16:16-18). She was possessed with a spirit of divination, and she practiced soothsaying. She obviously was not a Christian, and yet her spiritual experiences were true enough for her to make a profit for their masters and for her to tell people that Paul and his companions were servants of the Most High God, and that they were showing the way of salvation.

As I once said to a sister in Christ, spiritual experiences are real, but you cannot always trust them because the spiritual realm is a very dark place. You need the word of God to see what things are really like, for the word of God is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path (Psalm 119:105).


Why am I writing about these things? Because I want to think about my own spiritual experiences (and those that have been, or may have been, influential on me) from a biblical point of view. I want to take time to analyze them.

What do I expect to gain from this? I expect to gain knowledge and perspective: at the same time, I expect that God will use the lessons that I learn to address questions others may have about their own spiritual experiences.

What about you? Have you had any similar experiences?

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