My Spiritual Experiences 03 – Domonic


Every child is afraid of the dark, and I was no different.

A few weeks ago, when my own son told me that he was afraid of the dark, I remembered. So, I asked him if he had seen anything, and he said he had not.

When I was about three or four, whenever the lights were turned off at bedtime, a few minutes into the darkness, I used to see strange creatures falling upwards.

They looked like slugs and grotesque creatures, and they would float upwards from the ground (as if there were no gravity), and they would eventually shoot upwards very fast.

I was not too troubled about them, because it seemed they were being sucked out to a place far away, although they never reached the roof. It just seemed that, within the room, there was place far away, almost in another dimension.

They were trying to stay, but they couldn’t. They were just floating away: slowly at first, but then they picked up speed and disappeared into the oblivion.

I also was not too troubled about the creatures that appeared to be sleeping on the dresser and the nightstand, although there were many of them, too many for me to count then.

I was more concerned about the ones that would come from far away. They would fly into the room like ravens landing on the backyard. They would perch at the end of the bed, and they stayed watching. They stayed watching me.

Most of all, I was concerned about the ones that looked like gargoyles. They were about my size (much bigger than the rest). They also seemed angry at me, and they appeared to be growling at me (although I could not hear them).

Sometimes, they seemed to be talking to each other, and I felt they were talking about me. Sometimes, they appeared to try to grab me, but (for some reason) they could not touch me.

I do not recall how many times I experienced this, but it was for some time.

I do not recall how these experiences came to an end.

I think I told my mother about this, that I saw things in the dark; and, I think she tried to convince me that there was nothing there.

I think that it was after that conversation that I tried to convince myself there was nothing there, so I stuck out my tongue at one of them: and he stuck his tongue out back at me.

I do not remember when these experiences ended.

I talked about it with my mother, and she said I probably was watching too much TV. She also said she did not remember me ever telling her about it.

The truth is that, throughout out my whole life, I had only told one person about this experience, and that person thought it was very unusual.

Could it be I was seeing demons? I think so, although I am not necessarily discarding any reasonable explanation, such as too much TV, or an overactive imagination (the truth is I do not see why one would exclude the other).


In Ephesians 2:2, we read that the spirit that works in the children of disobedience is also the prince of the power of the air. I think the title “prince of the power of the air” indicates that the spirit of disobedience is active in an ethereal realm, one that cannot be seen by men, even though it is present all over.

In the same way, I am interested in 1 John 5:18, which says that the Devil cannot touch those who are born of God. In reality, the Devil would touch them if he could, but he cannot touch them because God protects them.


Why am I writing about these things? Because I want to think about my own spiritual experiences (and those that have been, or may have been, influential on me) from a biblical point of view. I want to take time to analyze them.

What do I expect to gain from this? I expect to gain knowledge and perspective: at the same time, I expect that God will use the lessons that I learn to address questions others may have about their own spiritual experiences.

What about you? Have you had any similar experiences?

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