Voice in My Dream


Inaugurated in 1970 (a decade before I was born), the Monumento al Mar (Monument to The Sea) draws inspiration from life in the seas and feminine beauty. I never understood what it represented (until tonight); and so, as a child, I thought it was quite enigmatic. I remember asking what it was, and I was only told it was some kind of abstract monument.

I must have been between ages 13 or 14 when, in a dream, I saw two pillars made of 12 monuments like this one, one stacked on the other, six on each pillar. I actually did not count them, but I just knew it was so. In my dream I was standing at the edge of a cliff, and I was either told or I said that these represented the twelve tribes of Israel.

I then began reciting the commandments (but I could never remembered which ones), as if I had been reading them. Throughout my life, I regarded this part of the dream as making no sense. But, what happened next, impacted me. Somehow, I ceased to see this monument, and I was standing at the edge of a cliff. I saw a bright light that filled the background, and I heared a voice say, “Hijo mío, apartate del mal” (my son, depart from evil).

Did all my dream make sense? No, all if it did not make sense to me.

Did I think God had spoken to me? Yes, I always believed God had spoken to me in a dream.

Could I have just been dreaming up about all the things I read in the Bible? It’s very likely.

Did this dream have a special meaning for me at that time in my life? Yes, it did—it has always been significant to me.

Did it make biblical sense? Yes, of course it did.

Do I have dreams like this one all the time? No, I don’t. Most of the time, I dream about school, work, or super heroes.


Many biblical passages indicate that God sometimes speaks to people through dreams. And, like Joseph’s dream (Genesis 37:7), many of these dreams include elements from the dreamer’s everyday life.

Just like my dream, their dreams were only dreams—the entire experience was over when they woke up. Unlike their dreams, my dream was not foretelling the future: I was only dreaming about something that was relevant to me.

Just as if it would have taken them faith to believe that God had spoken to them, it takes faith for me to believe that God spoke to me through a dream.


Why am I writing about these things? Because I want to think about my own spiritual experiences (and those that have been, or may have been, influential on me) from a biblical point of view. I want to take time to analyze them.

What do I expect to gain from this? I expect to gain knowledge and perspective: at the same time, I expect that God will use the lessons that I learn to address questions others may have about their own spiritual experiences.

If you’ve had similar experiences (or other experiences), please don’t forget to share them in the comments section.


I have also been busy writing about the book of Revelation and editing previous articles about it. If this is a topic that calls your attention, I invite you to read some of my articles on the topic.

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